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A mommy makeover Milwaukee can be a genuinely transformative process for a new mother. These simple procedures can create lasting results that will keep a woman’s body fit for many years to come.

A mom’s body goes through many changes during carrying, delivery, and breastfeeding. There are folds of loose skin around the abdomen and breasts that usually deflate. There’s also an accumulation of extra fat around the thighs, hips, and waste. The slimmer, fitter and younger looking pre-pregnancy shape is mostly gone.

These days, a woman can get her old body back with a combination of surgical procedures. These can include liposuction, breast enhancement, and a tummy tuck. With a mommy makeover in Milwaukee, the figure a woman had before childbirth can get restored.

What Exactly Does a Milwaukee Mommy Makeover Entail?

A mommy makeover is not a single surgical procedure. It’s several surgeries that get performed in 1 day. There are a few advantages to this approach. It can save some money, and there is only one surgery for recovery. However, all the operations can be staged over a period as well. It’s is up to the patient. A specialist will help a woman make the decision that’s right for her.

When you have a mommy makeover Milwaukee, the treatments are personalized based on the woman’s anatomy. The more significant consideration is the areas they want to fix with cosmetic surgery.

Your Mommy Makeover Milwaukee Questions Answered

Who is a good candidate for a mommy makeover?

A good candidate is a woman who is done having children and is no longer breastfeeding. A plastic surgeon will be able to determine whether a patient is a good candidate during the consultation.

How long do the procedures take?

This process is different for each patient. On average, having several procedures at once can take between three and six hours.

Why are the procedures usually combined?

The principal reason is to minimize the recovery time. It can take much longer to recover if the surgeries get performed separately. It’s advised to go for the easier option.

How long is the recovery period?

Again, this varies for every patient. Most women are back to work after about two weeks. However, this relies on them taking it easy during their recovery period and getting plenty of rest.

When will the patient start seeing results?

You will notice the changes right away. However, it can take around six months to a year before the results are final. As with any surgery, it takes a while for the body to heal correctly.

Milwaukee Wisconsin and Mommy Makeovers

Milwaukee is the largest city in Wisconsin. Many around the world know it because of the Happy Days sitcom that got filmed there. It is an attractive metropolis with captivating sights. The Lakefront area is arguably one of the prettiest downtowns in the United States.

If you’re in the city for your mommy makeover, you will find yourself in an exciting environment. While here, stop by the Milwaukee Art Museum or stroll around the Mitchell Park Conservatory. It boasts gigantic domes containing tropical plants.

It is just a small handful of the attractions you can explore when visiting for your mommy makeover Milwaukee.

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