Mommy Makeover Bellevue, WA

Women who want to improve their body post-pregnancy can benefit from a mommy makeover Bellevue, WA. With these procedures, mothers witness incredible transformations in the way they look. It ensures that they once again feel confident about their appearance.

During mommy makeovers, several cosmetic surgeries get combined into one setting. They restore a woman’s shape and contours to how they were before pregnancy. These are customizable treatments to fit the individual needs of each woman and can include non-surgical treatments as well. The results are amazing.

It’s no surprise that nowadays, a mommy makeover in Bellevue is among the most sought-after plastic surgeries.

Your Bellevue Mommy Makeover Consultation Requirements

During your consultation, you will meet your plastic surgeon to discuss your surgical goals. The surgeon will evaluate your general health and give you a physical examination. They can recommend a personalized course of treatment, tell you about the most likely outcomes of the surgery and if there are any risks or complications. You will also get instructions on how to best prepare for your operation.

Most patients who have a mommy makeover Bellevue, WA tend to opt for liposuction, a tummy tuck, and breast procedures.

Mommy Makeover Bellevue, WA Surgery Recovery and Results

Immediately before your surgery, you will get a general anesthetic. You will be asleep while your operations take place. Depending on the procedures, you could be on the operating table for approximately three to six hours. You will then wake up in the recovery room and be free to go home. Have a friend drive you back because you will most likely be feeling a little tired.

You are advised to take it easy during your recovery period and to rest as much as possible. It means leaving the household chores for other people and not doing any heavy lifting. It will be a few days before you can remove the bandages and you will most likely be off work for a couple of weeks at least.

Bellevue Mommy Makeover Results

The entire purpose of a mommy makeover in Bellevue, WA is to see amazing results. It can restore your youthful, pre-baby body and correct the many adverse post-pregnancy effects. After surgery, you can look forward to a vast improvement to your body contours. Many women who had a mommy makeover, say that they look younger and feel sexier. The procedures have also given them a massive boost to their self-confidence.

With a healthy lifestyle, you should be able to maintain the results and reap the benefits of the surgeries for many years to come.

Mommy Makeovers in Bellevue Washington

Bellevue is one of the largest cities in the Seattle metropolitan area and sits across Lake Washington. A mommy makeover in or near the town will bring you into close contact with a rich variety of places of interest.

Nature lovers can revel in the delightful surroundings of Lake Sammamish State Park and the Bellevue Botanical Garden. For culture vultures, there’s the Bellevue Arts Museum and the Theatre at Meydenbauer Center. Meanwhile, younger visitors will go wild for the KidsQuest Children’s Museum in downtown Bellevue.

Women who come for their mommy makeover Bellevue, WA will discover a rich variety of things to see and do before their surgeries.

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