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Why is a mommy makeover Burlington, VT necessary? During pregnancy, a woman’s body gets stretched in many places. The stomach can get stretched to thrice its average size. Breasts get saggy, and weight gain is inevitable. While some women are fortunate enough to bounce back to their pre-pregnancy bodies, other women struggle.

Exercise and healthy nutrition may help with the excess body fat, but you still have to worry about the sagging skin. It’s not the only part of the body that is now sagging. Your pre-pregnancy breasts were perfectly shaped, but not anymore. They now decline in size, thanks to the loss of breast tissues. A mommy makeover in Burlington, VT includes a breast enhancement that can help restore the shape and size of your breast.

Breast Enhancement as a Part of a Burlington Mommy Makeover

You have two options for breast enhancements. These include;

A Breast Lift

Think of this as a long-lasting solution to sagging breast. It usually involves the surgeon removing the extra skin and lifting your breast tissue into its proper position. The nipple may also be raised to the chest wall too. Afterward, the doctor bandages the breast.

The bandages should get removed in the first or second day after the surgery. Then, your doctor will recommend a special bra or another form of dressing. It is to provide support for your breast during the recovery period. And in case you’re wondering, you’ll still be able to breastfeed after a breast lift.

Breast Implants

One reason for implants, to change the size of the breasts. Women do it to restore fullness to the chest and add projection. In new mothers who have lost breast tissue, it prevents excessive drooping.

Please note that implants alone do not prevent your breast from sagging. You need to combine it with a breast lift for optimal results. That said, a mommy makeover Burlington, VT implants procedure involves making an incision under your arm. It also applies to the crease under your breast or around your nipple. The surgeon creates a pocket in the chest and inserts the implant into the pocket. It ends with the incision closed when the implant is in place.

Why Breast Enhancement are Included in a Mommy Makeover Burlington, VT

The apparent reason why you should include breast enhancement with your mommy makeover in Vermont is understandable. Its required to improve the appearance of your breasts. If they are sagging, you can make them firm. If you’re concerned that one breast is more prominent than another, you can address this problem as well.

The reason that is not so obvious is, the effect it has on women’s psyche. Many women undergo breast enhancement surgeries to enhance their self-image and confidence.

Burlington Vermont and Mommy Makeovers

Burlington is the largest and most cosmopolitan city in the state of Vermont. Quite famous for its excellent summer and spring which offers Burlington residence an opportunity to engage in outdoor activities.

This city includes many outdoor concerts and festivals for all to enjoy.

It is why most new mothers are opting for a mommy makeover Burlington, VT. Their self-confidence is regained to put on a bikini and relax in the North Beach Park.

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