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Following pregnancy women’s bodies can radically change in so many ways. Breasts start to sag, and there are excess folds of skin around the upper arms and stomach. Stretch marks also appeared in several areas. These are issues that cannot be solved by diet and exercise. So what can be done to help women who want to look young for as long as possible? Thanks to advances in medicine and technology, they can have a mommy makeover Ashburn, VA.

Mommy makeovers are a combination of plastic surgery procedures. They return your body to what it was before the little bundle of joy came along. With a mommy makeover in Ashburn, you will love your body once again. Experience a massive boost to your self-esteem and enjoy a more positive outlook on life.

How a Mommy Makeover Ashburn Can Help You

Women experience a variety of natural changes to their bodies in the aftermath of pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding.

Breasts: among the issues are uneven breasts, loss of volume, stretched areola and drooping nipples. The fix comes with a breast lift and silicone or saline implants. Breast reductions are also available for women who find that their breasts have swelled to a fuller size and shape.

Abdomen: pregnancy is often hardest on a woman’s belly. The stretching and weakening of the skin and muscles can leave you with lots of loose folds of skin, stretch marks and separated abdominal muscles. A tummy tuck can help. It is a procedure that removes excess skin and tightens muscles resulting in a smoother, flatter and firmer abdomen. It is also known as an abdominoplasty.

Thighs, flank, and stomach: new mothers often find there are pockets of fat in several parts of their body that don’t respond to exercise. The solution is liposuction which sucks out the fat through a small hollow tube.

A mommy makeover Ashburn, VA procedures get done all in one sitting. It can be a significant money saver. However, you can also have them staged one at a time over a long period if you wish.

Preparing for Your Mommy Makeover Ashburn, VA

Before having your mommy makeover, it is essential that you are in good general health and that you have reached a stable weight. To ensure that you are a suitable candidate for a mommy makeover your surgeon will give you a thorough physical examination and will ask about your family’s medical history and whether you are on any medication or have any allergies. You should also speak to your family doctor before any plastic surgeries to keep them informed about what’s going on with you and to get their clearance.

If you have any questions about a mommy makeover in Ashburn, VA, your surgeon will be happy to answer them.

Mommy Makeovers & Ashburn Virginia

If you are visiting for your mommy makeover, treat yourself to some of its sights and attractions. While a big draw is its proximity to the nation’s capital Ashburn has enough going on to keep you occupied.

An excellent way to prepare for your mommy makeover Ashburn, VA is to go for a walk in the great outdoors. It has some beautiful parks for you to enjoy such as Ashburn Park and Trailside Park. If there are young children with you they will love a visit to the Chibis Indoor Playground and all the family can catch a movie at the cinema.

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