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A mommy makeover Salt Lake City is a surgical procedure that produces excellent, long-lasting results. It involves the combination of multiple methods into a one-day surgery. It reduces the cost of treatment and the time it takes to recover.

A planned recovery is essential for the safety and success of the mommy makeover. There are things you need to know about recovering from a mommy makeover in Salt Lake City. Do your research before you schedule your procedures.

Preparing for a Salt Lake City Mommy Makeover

There are a couple of factors that determine your recovery time from a mommy makeover Salt Lake City. One of them is your preparation going into surgery. You’d recover faster if you maintained a healthy lifestyle before surgery.

That said, consult your surgeon about the medications you took beforehand. For example, a drug that may affect bleeding. Also, you’ll be advised to take certain supplements to increase your overall health before the surgery.

In addition to this, you’ll be asked to drop some habits. Yes, smoking is one of them. And no, you should not continue smoking after your mommy makeover in Salt Lake City. Aside from the risk during the procedure, nicotine prevents efficient healing.

Recovery Time for a Mommy Makeover Salt Lake City

Here is another thing you need to know; different procedures your surgery entails, have different recovery times. The most popular mommy makeover procedures are breast enhancements and tummy tucks. Then there is liposuction, which is used to remove the excess fat for better sculpting.

Each of these surgeries come with their own individual recovery process.
Let’s break it down:

The recovery time for a tummy tuck is between three to four weeks. That’s the minimum time before you’ll be able to return to your normal activities. Breast enhancements, such as augmentation, lift or both can take two to three weeks. Liposuction, on the other hand, requires less time. You’ll be able to resume your daily routine after this procedure within a week.

Consult your board certified Plastic Surgeon to find out when you can go back to normal activities. While a day or two after surgery is all, it takes to start walking, going back to work could take weeks. That’s only if your job is not very physical.

Knowing the recovery time is vital before undergoing a mommy makeover in Salt Lake City. It’ll allow you to plan a healing process that is entirely stress-free.

Salt Lake City Utah & Mommy Makeovers

Salt Lake City combines the amenities often associated with a major metropolitan region. It also has the charm of a good old-fashioned town. The most populated city in Utah, Salt Lake City offers rich culture and diversity.

It makes the residents want to be the best version of themselves.

Most new mothers are embracing a mommy makeover Salt Lake City to help restore their youth and keep them looking their best.

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