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A popular trend going on among mothers of this generation is mommy makeover Columbia, SC. These days, women are not ready to abandon their young bodies even after going through the difficulty that comes with pregnancy and childbirth. They fully understand that with one single mommy makeover procedure, they will be back to looking they’re very best. Full of confidence and brimming with high self-esteem.

The number of women going for the mommy makeover in Columbia, SC procedures is increasing rapidly. It’s mainly because of the excellent outcomes and reviews. Mothers who had mommy makeovers have always come out looking much better.

Unlike in the past, women shouldn’t fear what pregnancy, breastfeeding, and childbirth will do to their bodies. With just a single mommy makeover, you will be back to your pre-pregnancy state. It would be as if you haven’t aged one bit.

Frequently Asked Questions and Things to Know About a Columbia, SC Mommy Makeover

1. Should I space my procedures out or have them all at once?

There’s no one answer to this question. You should find what works best for you. While some mothers like to have the surgery all at once and go through one single recovery process, others might want to space them out. It can be due to cost or being uncomfortable with staying in the operating room for long hours.

2. When should I have my mommy makeover Columbia, SC procedure?

It is best to consult with your surgeon so that you can determine the best possible time. Here are some guidelines.

  • Let your body heal after going through childbirth

  • Complete the nursing of your child

  • Get to your weight goal

  • Most importantly, make sure you do not have any kids within the next few years of your life.

3. Is the operation a painful one?

No, it isn’t. You will be entirely under general anesthesia during the surgery. If you experience any pain or discomfort afterward, your surgeon will prescribe medications to take.

4. How can I maintain my results?

You should stay at your current weight by dieting and exercising regularly. You should keep in mind that pregnancy can reverse the results achieved.

Benefits and Expectations from a Mommy Makeover Columbia, SC

Many physical benefits come with having a mommy makeover in Columbia. A few of these are:

  • The absence of stretch marks due to the removal of skin

  • No saggy stomach due to deletion, tightening and smoothening of the abdominal regions

  • Increase in the size of breasts that have shrunken due to breastfeeding

  • Bosom returns to a rounder, perkier and firmer state due to the removal of excess skin

Columbia South Carolina & Mommy Makeovers

Columbia is the capital city of South Carolina, with just over 150,000 people living there. It is home to the South Carolina state house. The riverbank zoo and garden are a place for animals and plants in the city.

Over half of the population are women who are on par with having a mommy makeover Columbia, SC. They want to look young and beautiful and are willing to sacrifice cosmetic surgery to get it.

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