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These days, a mommy makeover Providence, RI is like a magical transformation. Unlike previous generations, the modern-day mothers want to feel good and return to their youthful bodies. And who can blame them? It’s what they deserve after going through the beautiful but strenuous experience of childbirth.

Today, women are no longer willing to give up their youthful looks undone by pregnancy. Hence, getting the surgical and cosmetic procedures of a mommy makeover is an enticing idea.

Some new moms may feel guilty from the idea of having a mommy makeover in Providence, RI. They spent years taking care of their children. Now, the thought of taking time out to take care of themselves may feel a little selfish. After finally regaining their pre-pregnancy shape, the only question they are left asking is, why they waited so long.

Tests Conducted Before a Providence Mommy Makeover

For a mommy makeover Providence procedure, there are specific tests that must get done before surgery. These will determine the compatibility with the methods and avoid any complications.

Most patients are concerned about the turnout. Here are a few tests carried out before the surgery.

  • A complete physical check-up and additional lab tests.
  • The Chem 7, CBC, EKG, etc. tests are performed.
  • If you have any health issues, further testing will be required.
  • Various blood and urine test will be carried out.
  • A complete EKG and chest X-ray are also one of the major tests.
  • Medical clearance from a primary care physician is also necessary.

Things to Avoid Before Going for a Mommy Makeover in Providence

There are several things you should avoid before a mommy makeover Providence, RI.

  • You should avoid taking aspirin one week before, and one week after. Other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs should not be taken to prevent unnecessary bruising
  • Avoiding herbs and prescribed supplements for at least a week before pregnancy, so it doesn’t interfere with the healing process.
  • For those that smoke, stop at least one month before the operation. You should not smoke for at least one month after the surgery as well.
  • Be aware of all the preoperative and postoperative instructions. It will allow you to have a successful recovery.

Providence Rhode Island & Mommy Makeovers

Providence is the capital city of Rhode Island. It is the home of Brown University and Rhode Island School of design. Going through the town, you will see 18th-19th-century homes.

Providence is not heavily populated. About 190,000 people are living in the city.

Much of the population here are women and children. The mommies of the city want to look good. More of them are now opting for the mommy makeover Providence trend.

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