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To look good and feel confident after giving birth, more women are considering the idea of a mommy makeover Portland, OR. It’s a combination of procedures designed to restore the body to its pre-pregnant state. These procedures should get discussed with a specialist or doctor who performs the surgeries. Their purpose is to get rid of excess fat, stretch marks, and cellulite. They also bring your breasts back to a youthful state and make your tummy flat.

Mommy makeovers combine all these procedures into a single operation. It minimizes time and has a faster recovery. It is perfect for busy working moms. Breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, and liposuction are standard procedures. All of these can get done in about three to five hours of surgery. With a single mommy makeover in Portland process, you will get back your pre-pregnancy body and feel confident once again.

Best Time to Have a Portland Mommy Makeover

It’s advisable for new mothers to wait about a year before going for a mommy makeover Portland, OR. The body is still going through changes. Weight fluctuation can affect the outcome of the surgery.

A mommy makeover is not a procedure intended solely for weight loss. Most ideal candidates are already close to their target weight. It’s best to diet and exercise during this period, before having any procedures done.

For women who want to have more children, postponing a mommy makeover in Portland is recommended. Although having children after surgery is safe, it will likely reverse the results from the previous procedures. However, if a woman goes through childbirth after her first mommy makeover, additional surgeries can be done to restore the results.

How Much Does a Mommy Makeover in Portland Cost?

For busy moms, surfing the web for the right answer can be tasking. A mommy makeover involves different surgeries. The cost for each operation varies according to its complexity. It’s not necessary to get all of the available procedures. Consult your specialist first to find out which ones you’ll be needing.

A mommy makeover Portland, OR costs less than doing these surgeries individually. So, in a way, it helps mothers save money and time.

Portland Oregon & Mommy Makeovers

Portland is known as one of the largest cities in Oregon. Over 700,000 people are living in the city.

Located on the Columbia and Willamette rivers, it’s known for its parks, bridges and bicycle trails.

Women have a majority of the population and know the feeling that comes with looking their best. A mommy makeover Portland, OR is a trend that’s sought out here.

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