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Get your self-confidence back and regain your pre-pregnancy physique with a mommy makeover OKC. Although some women succeed in getting back their youthful appearance after childbirth and breastfeeding, the reality for many women is different. There’s weight gain, drooping and deflated breasts, stretch marks and accumulation of fat in numerous places.

A mommy makeover in OKC is a customized combination of several plastic surgeries that combat these issues. Mommy makeovers can include one or more of the following which gets done in a single treatment session:

Mastopexy | Mammoplasty | Breast Reduction

Lipoplasty | Abdominoplasty | Vaginoplasty

Mommy makeovers are practical and successful. They are also very cost-effective. By undergoing two or more procedures at the same time, you can save money. But perhaps, more importantly, you can achieve your aesthetic goals sooner than you would if each process got performed separately.

Considering an Ideal OKC Mommy Makeover Candidate?

Ideal mommy makeover OKC candidates are women who are in good health and who:

  • Are not planning to have more children

  • Haven’t breastfed for at least six months

  • Are at a stable weight

  • Have stopped smoking

  • Have realistic expectations of what is achievable with cosmetic surgery

Insights into Mommy Makeover OKC Treatments


A variety of procedures are available including breast augmentation to replace lost tissue volume and to restore or increase size. Meanwhile, a breast lift can raise the breasts to their youthful and perky position.


Loose skin and fat can get removed with a tummy tuck. This procedure can also tighten slackened stomach muscles.

Lower and Upper Body

Stubborn pockets of fat in the thighs, arms, belly, buttocks and other parts of the body get treated with liposuction. It involves breaking up fat cells and sucking them out of the body through a small tube. Like all mommy makeover in OKC procedures, the treatments get executed while the patient is under a general anesthetic.

Recovery from a Mommy Makeover

One of the main benefits of an OKC mommy makeover is that there is only one recovery period. The length of this recovery varies depending on some factors including the patient’s biology. But on average most women can get back to work after about two weeks. The majority of the swelling and bruising will usually resolve in about four to six weeks. After this time most women can go about all their normal daily activities. A prescription medication for pain will help to minimize discomfort during recovery.

Mommy Makeovers in OKC

Oklahoma City (OKC) is the capital of the US state of Oklahoma and its largest city. This busy and vibrant metropolis on the southern Great Plains is also known as the Big Friendly and is as inviting and as welcoming as this soubriquet suggests.

Women who live in here or who come to the city for a mommy makeover OKC can fill the days leading up to surgery with a variety of exciting diversions. Meet the weird and wonderful animals at Oklahoma City Zoo, boost your knowledge bank with a visit to the Science Museum Oklahoma and enjoy the shopping and dining opportunities of Bricktown.

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