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Nothing can beat the joy and happiness from being a new mother and cradling your child in your arms. However, one of the sobering facts about being a mom is that your body will not return to its pre-pregnancy shape on its own. Even if you exercise regularly and careful about what you eat, you will still find that there are pockets of fat constantly remain. However, you don’t have to stay this way because a mommy makeover Manhattan can get you back to how you used to look pre-pregnancy.

With a mommy makeover in Manhattan, you can turn the clock back and reverse the changes that affected you. Not only will you have a body that you will be happy with, but you’ll also see an enormous boost to your self-confidence. You will once again be able to wear any clothes that you want.

What Types of Manhattan Mommy Makeovers are Available?

Mommy makeovers are a collection of cosmetic surgeries. You can have just one or several combined into one procedure. Your mommy makeover Manhattan gets tailored especially for you, your body and your specific goals. Among the treatments available are:

Abdominoplasty: It’s a surgery that removes excess fat and skin from your abdomen and restores weakened abdominal muscles. The result is a firm and smooth stomach. Mini and full tummy tucks are available.

Lipo: Fat cells get sucked out of your body through a small tube. Excess fat gets removed from areas such as the hips, waist, buttocks, thighs, back, neck and arms.

A Boob Job: Includes implants to restore volume to breasts and create a more evenly proportioned figure. Two types of implants are available – saline and silicone — saline implants filled with a solution that is like the fluid in our bodies. Meanwhile, silicone implants contain a soft gel.

Mastopexy: Is a common Manhattan mommy makeover procedure for breasts that sag or lost their firmness. The surgery lifts the bosom to alter their size or shape.

Buttock Lift: Buttocks can lose their shape and firmness and start to sag. With a buttock lift, your surgeon will take fat from elsewhere in your body and use this to enhance the volume and size.

Recovering from a Mommy Makeover Manhattan

A mommy makeover recovery periods vary from woman to woman. It may depend on different factors including the number and types of procedures undertaken.

If yours is a typical mommy makeover in Manhattan recovery, you can expect to be back at work a few weeks following surgery. Your plastic surgeon will discuss everything in detail with you and furnish you with tips on aiding the healing process.

Mommy Makeovers in Manhattan

Manhattan is a meaning that comes to mind when people hear the words ‘New York City’. It’s the Big Apple’s most densely populated borough. It’s a lively area filled with great bars, restaurants, concert venues, and world-class attractions. Residents and tourists can elect to have a mommy makeover while and have time to get around to some of the sights.

Among the borough’s biggest calling cards are the Empire State Building, the One World Observatory, St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Central Park. New York’s green lungs is a delightful place for a walk and are alone with your thoughts as you ponder how great you will look after your mommy makeover Manhattan.

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