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Sometimes you hear people say that once you have children, it’s not about you anymore. Of course, kids should always come first. However, this doesn’t mean that a new mom must stop caring about herself. It includes improving how she looks and feels about her body with a mommy makeover Omaha.

During pregnancy and breastfeeding, a woman goes through drastic physical changes. Commonly, these are very difficult to reverse. It is true even if they visit the gym on a regular basis and watch what they eat. Most are still unable to undo the fatty deposits and sagging skin. Drooping breasts are not going to get perkier of their own accord either. Therefore, many new mothers seriously consider a mommy makeover in Omaha, to get back their pre-pregnancy body.

The Omaha Mommy Makeover Evaluation

If you are seriously thinking about a mommy makeover in Omaha, take some considerations into account. First, contact a qualified plastic surgeon to arrange an initial consultation/evaluation. It’s an essential first step. It will help you discover all the possibilities about how mommy makeovers can impact your life and wellbeing.

During the evaluation process, your specialist will discuss several issues with you. They include:

  • Your state of health and any medication that you may be on.

  • Your medical history.

  • Discussing whether you smoke or take certain drugs.

  • Your typical weekly alcohol intake.

  • The goals you want to achieve with your mommy makeover Omaha.

The surgeon will also conduct a physical examination, evaluating the areas of your body that concern you. You will then receive information about all available surgical options, as well as information about any possible risks and complications.

Mommy Makeover Omaha Procedures & Surgeries

There is a variety of surgical procedures available. Most common mommy makeovers include the following:

  • A tummy tuck to flatten the abdomen by removing fat and excess skin. Also, the tightening of inner walls where abdominal muscles have separated and weakened.

  • A breast lift to correct sagging breasts that have lost their elasticity.

  • Breast augmentation to restore shape and volume to breasts, that appear deflated after breastfeeding.

  • Liposuction to remove stubborn deposits of fat that settle on the thighs, stomach, arms and other areas.


Other types of mommy makeover Omaha procedures include:

  • A butt lift to augment flat buttocks.

  • A thigh lift to eliminate loose folds of skin around the thighs.

  • An arm lift to remove excess skin and fat under the arms.

  • Belly button surgery to reshape the naval that may have expanded or popped out. The surgeon can reshape the belly button or create an entirely new one if necessary.

  • A neck lift to tighten neck muscles and remove excess fat.

Omaha Nebraska and Mommy Makeovers

Omaha is a dynamic, energetic city, and the largest in the state of Nebraska. There’s a variety of shops, restaurants, gorgeous parks, and fascinating attractions. There is the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium.

The city also has one of the oldest entertainment districts in the country. It has much to offer residents and visitors, who come to Omaha for their mommy makeover.

Omaha is located right in the center of the United States. It’s easily accessible by road, rail or air. So why not make a family vacation of it while you’re here for your mommy makeover Omaha.

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