Mommy Makeover Wilmington, NC

A mommy makeover Wilmington, NC consists of numerous procedures targeted to restore a new mom’s pre-pregnancy body.

Having children is one of the most beautiful and rewarding experiences in life. However, the body changes brought on by childbearing are not as celebrated for apparent reasons. Distorted breasts, a bigger belly, and loose skin are common physical transformations.

The procedures included with a mommy makeover in Wilmington depend on your goals and how you want to perceive your appearance.

How to Determine if a Wilmington Mommy Makeover is Right for Me?

Most women who are in good general health and finished with having more kids are ideal candidates for a mommy makeover Wilmington, NC. Among the most common reasons to have these surgeries are if:

  • Your abdominal skin stretches through pregnancy

  • The chest area lost tissue volume due to nursing

  • You have stubborn bulges of fat that won’t go away

  • Your abdominal muscles get stretched and weakened

Your Personalized Mommy Makeover in Wilmington

Most mommy makeovers are one-day operations where you undergo several procedures at once. However, some women may see better results by staging them. As with all plastic surgeries talk with your surgeon about what’s best for you.

Typically, you should arrive at least one to two hours prior, and have a friend or a loved one who can take you home afterward. The length of your Wilmington mommy makeover varies depending on its customized nature. Most women are in surgery for around four to six hours.

Mommy Makeover Wilmington, NC, and the Healing Process

The recovery following a mommy makeover in Wilmington largely depends on how many procedures you had. Generally, most women take two weeks to a month off to give themselves time to heal. During this period, you need to go easy on yourself. Go on gentle walks as a form of exercise. It can help reduce the likelihood of blood clots forming. You may be required to wear compression garments to prevent swelling.

You will notice changes in your body immediately after surgery. However, it will take a considerable amount of time before the results become apparent. Keep in mind that individual experiences do vary.

Your plastic surgeon will tell you about all the things you can do to aid your recovery. Take note regarding possible Wilmington mommy makeover risks or complications.

Wilmington North Carolina and Mommy Makeovers

There are many things to see and do while in Wilmington. Among its popular draws are several performing arts venues, museums and historic places of interest.

These include the Cape Fear Museum of History and Science and the Sunset Park Historic District. There’s also the 18th-century Grace United Methodist Church and the Bellamy Mansion, located in the Historic District.

When you visit this port city for your mommy makeover Wilmington, NC, set aside a couple of days taking in the sights. It’s an excellent way to prepare for your surgery by treating yourself to a little vacation.

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