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The number of new moms getting a mommy makeover Greensboro, NC is on the rise. More and more women are discovering the joyful fact that they can restore their bodies to how they appeared prior to having children. With all the available treatments, they are turning back the clock to how they used to be. And thanks to advances in technologies and techniques, the surgeries can be performed in just one day.

Many women state that after their mommy makeover in Greensboro, NC they feel happier, sexier and more confident.

What to Know Before Your Greensboro Mommy Makeover?

With a mommy makeover Greensboro, NC, you can achieve your desired look. But before you decide on surgery, consider the following factors:

1) Be sure that you don’t want to get pregnant again. Subsequent pregnancies can undo nearly everything you have had done which means you would need even more surgeries if you’re going to maintain your pre-pregnancy body. There are exceptions to this, and it very much depends on body type. So, some women do have makeovers then have another child, and the impact on their previous surgeries is minimal. However, note that the recommendation from most plastic surgeons is to wait until you’re done having children. Then you can have your Greensboro, NC mommy makeover.

2) Mommy makeovers are not a replacement for weight loss programs and healthy living. Plastic surgery aims to correct imperfections that diet and exercise cannot – they are not meant to replace them. In fact, the ideal candidates for mommy makeovers are those women who have a healthy diet, follow a good exercise regime and are at a stable weight.

3) The recovery period can be uncomfortable. Most likely you will be having several surgeries at once and consequently; you may be in some pain and discomfort afterward. You will need to take it very easy for at least the first week after surgery and have other people do things for you such as the household chores and shopping.

Your surgeon will also give you painkillers. If you’re like most moms, you will be able to get back to work after about two to three weeks.

Deciding Which Type of Mommy Makeover Greensboro, NC is Right for You

Take your time to identify your goals and what you want to have done. You can choose any combination of procedures. So, your mommy makeover in Greensboro, NC plan will be tailored just for you. A lot of women typically focus on the stomach and the breasts but before you make a final decision talk to your plastic surgeon.

You can have all the procedures at once or one at a time. It’s entirely up to you. However, note that the advantages of having them together are that you can save money and only have one recovery period.

Greensboro North Carolina and Mommy Makeovers

Greensboro is a great place to be for mommy makeovers. Not only for the skills of the plastic surgeons but also for the myriad opportunities to pass the time before your procedures or for when you are gently getting back on your feet post-surgery.

If you are into the arts, how about a wander around some of the local galleries? They include the African American Atelier Gallery and Elliott University Center Art Gallery. To unwind over a delicious meal, take your pick from chain restaurants and independent eateries serving up local classics.

Walking following a mommy makeover Greensboro, NC encourages recovery. Greensboro is home to numerous parks such as Center City Park and Barber Park where you can get the light exercise you need.

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