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Women’s bodies drastically change following pregnancy and childbirth. Breasts begin to sag and folds of loose skin collect around the midsection. An accumulation of fat deposits in the thighs often appear. There are also deposits around the hips that will not disappear, even with exercise and dieting. What does a new mom have to do to get back in shape? The answer is a mommy makeover Charlotte, NC.

Fortunately, thanks to advances of plastic surgery and treatments, a mommy makeover can reverse a woman to her pre-pregnancy body. Each treatment is unique for each patient. It usually produces incredible results. Mothers are thrilled with their new bodies, thanks to a mommy makeover in Charlotte, NC.

Charlotte Mommy Makeover FAQ’s

Is a mommy makeover right for me? 

The best candidates for mommy makeovers are women who are not planning to have any more children. You can still have children after plastic surgery. But, you risk undoing all the good work with another pregnancy. Ideal mommy makeover Charlotte, NC candidates are women who have a stable weight and good health.

What does a mommy makeover involve? 

For most women, a mommy makeover involves a combination of three surgical procedures; a tummy tuck, breast enhancement, and liposuction. However, you can have just one or more than three. There are also non-surgical options too. These include stretch marks and spider vein removal.

How long do mommy makeovers take?

The procedures are highly variable and depend on the plan that your plastic surgeon has created for you. A typical makeover can take anywhere between three and six hours to complete.

What does the recovery period entail? 

Treatment plans are designed to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Most surgery wounds will take approximately two weeks to heal. However, you cannot get back to your daily activities for about four to six weeks. Most mothers find that they can go back to work after two to three weeks.

Will a mommy makeover give me any scars?

Mommy makeovers in Charlotte, NC carry have minimal scarring, depending on the skills of the surgeon. The incisions they make are mostly in hidden places. Over time the scar lines fade.

Booking the First Consultation with Your Mommy Makeover Charlotte, NC Surgeon

Having a mommy makeover is a big step. No doubt you will have questions and concerns. Bring them up when you have the initial consultation with the specialist. Detailed information about the procedures you are going to have should get discussed. It will include each step and possible expected outcomes.

Discussing the recovery period is essential. It may be difficult to envision what your new body will look like afterward. Ask your mommy makeover Charlotte, NC surgeon for before and after photographs of previous patients.

Charlotte North Carolina and Mommy Makeovers

Charlotte in North Carolina is one of the most populous cities in the United States. It’s one of the country’s largest metropolitan areas.

There are many great shops and restaurants. There’s a wealth of attractions and big open spaces. With a captivating arts and culture scene, it offers plenty of diversions for residents and visitors alike.

If you are having a mommy makeover Charlotte, NC, take some time out to enjoy all this city has to offer. The municipality includes shopping malls with independent stores and boutiques as well as visiting vineyards and parks.

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