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Gone are the days when mothers must deal with the changes to their post-pregnancy bodies. It’s been decades since women had to deal with sagging breasts and loose folds of skin around the abdomen. The accumulation of fat deposits and other problems gave women little choice. However, in today’s world of medicine, it no longer applies. A mommy makeover Portland, ME has become increasingly popular and addressed all these problems.

Doing exercises can help a woman get back in shape. Unfortunately, achieving the desired results can take a long time. Often, exercising on its own is never enough. But, with a mommy makeover, a woman get the youthful body she desires much faster.

A mommy makeover in Portland, ME is a combination of cosmetic surgeries that are designed to give new mommies the body they want. Skilled and certified plastic surgeons perform them. The procedures remove added fats, flatten the stomach, tighten loose muscles and firm up breasts.

Portland Maine Mommy Makeover Procedures You Can Choose From

Every woman is unique and has her ideas about what she wants. Each makeover is unique and can be designed according to individual needs. The most common type of procedures included in a mommy makeover Portland, ME are:

Breast Augmentation

This is colloquially known as a “boob job” and enlarges the breasts via the surgical insertion of silicone or saline implants. They add volume and increase perkiness. This procedure can also correct uneven breasts.

Breast Lift

It is also known as a mastopexy and lifts the breasts higher up on the chest. The operation involves removing excess skin and reshaping breast tissue. Also, it can reduce the size of the areolae.


For a flatter and toned abdomen after childbirth, a tummy tuck is the ideal procedure. It removes excess fat and skin and tightens stomach muscles. Stretch marks may also be reduced or eliminated because of this procedure.


This procedure is done to remove excess fat deposits from around the hips, thighs, waist, belly and other parts of the body. The fat is sucked out through a hollow tube.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

It tightens up the loosened muscles around the female genital area and improves its anatomy.

Do I Really Need a Mommy Makeover Portland, ME?

The answer to this question depends on what you want from your appearance. If it’s to look how you did too before pregnancy, then the answer is a definite ‘yes.’

Portland Maine and Mommy Makeovers

Portland is the largest city in Maine and a big draw during the summer.

It is mainly due to its position on the Casco Bay. There are many charming places to see if you are visiting here for a mommy makeover Portland, ME.

Take time to explore some of its attractions. They include the 19th-century Victoria Mansion, Casco Bay, the Southworth Planetarium and the Portland Museum of Art.

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