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A mommy makeover Bethesda, MD is the answer for new moms who are unhappy with the post-pregnancy transformation to their bodies. Whether it’s sagging breasts, excess fat or rapid weight gain, having a baby causes many unwelcome physical changes. But they do not have to be permanent.

Nature doesn’t have to have the final word as there is a range of treatments that can give you pre-baby back your body. While women have been turning to plastic surgery for years, new technologies make it much easier for them to look and feel great. It’s all possible with a mommy makeover in Bethesda.

Body Areas Targeted by a Bethesda Mommy Makeover

Every woman is unique, just like the changes that occur in their bodies. A mommy makeover Bethesda, MD addresses these problem areas.

Stomach: to accommodate your growing baby during pregnancy your abdominal muscles and skin will stretch. Following pregnancy, the muscles will never completely return to their original position, and the skin will be a lot looser than it was before.

Breasts: the combination of age, the laws of gravity and breastfeeding means that most women’s breasts will sag and droop over time. But there are other changes like loss of breast volume and areolas that grow. Breasts can also be larger after pregnancy.

Excess fat: during pregnancy, a woman’s body creates extra stores of fat around the hips, thighs, and buttocks. Many women find that following childbirth this excess fat won’t go away, even if they have healthy diets and adhere to strict exercise regimes.

Examples of Mommy Makeover Bethesda, MD Procedures

Mommy makeovers can help to bring the body back to its pre-pregnancy state. Here are just some of the treatment options available:

Abdominoplasty: this can tighten abdominal muscles and remove excess skin around the abdominal area.

Lipoplasty: this cosmetic procedure removes fat from troublesome areas by sucking it out. The goal is to alter body shape, and the results are often long-lasting.

Augmentation Mastopexy: there are several procedures to create fuller and perkier breasts. Augmentation (i.e., the insertion of implants) can give breasts a fuller appearance for when they have lost mass. A surgical breast lift can raise breasts by tightening breast tissue and removing excess skin. Meanwhile, breast reduction is a procedure that removes tissue and reshapes breasts.

Is a Mommy Makeover in Bethesda, MD Right for You?

Many women who elect to have mommy makeovers say they are thrilled with the outcomes and the subsequent boost to their self-esteem. However, before leaping it’s a good idea to talk with your medical practitioner about the procedures and the risks. Also, do your research and reading to ensure that this is right for you.

Mommy Makeovers and Bethesda Maryland

Bethesda is a beautiful place to visit if you are considering a mommy makeover. Before and after your procedures, take the time to enjoy some of its sights. Check out the National Museum of Health and Medicine, browse the work of contemporary visual artists at the Waverly Street Gallery. Enjoy good food and music at the Bethesda Blues and Supper Club.

If you have young children with you while you have your mommy makeover Bethesda, MD, treat them to a visit to Kid Ville. It has activities, gym areas, music, dance and much more for children five years and younger.

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