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If you’re a woman who’s given birth to one or multiple children, you are keenly aware of the changes that happened to your body. Sagging breasts, localized fat deposits, and loose skin are just some of the unwelcome body issues that mothers experience. These also often lead to a dramatic loss in self-confidence. However, if you thought your youthful physique was a thing of the past, then think again. A mommy makeover Wichita, KS can restore your body to close to how it was before you became pregnant for the first time.

A mommy makeover in Wichita is a customized combination of cosmetic procedures, all performed during one operation.

Wichita Mommy Makeover FAQs and Answers

How long is the recovery from my mommy makeover surgery?
Typical recovery times are between two and six weeks.

I’m still breastfeeding. When is the earliest time I can have a mommy makeover? 
Surgeons advise that you wait at least six months after you have finished breastfeeding.

I am a smoker. Should I quit before surgery?
Yes, this is a great idea. While smoking is terrible for your health, it can also interfere with the healing process.

What is the best way to prepare for a mommy makeover Wichita, KS?
Proper nutrition and ensuring you have a stress-free environment at home for when you are recovering.

What type of scarring can I expect?
It generally depends on the skills of your surgeon and your genetics. Some people’s scars heal better than others. Surgical incisions are usually in hidden places.

I’m planning to have more children. Can I still have a mommy makeover?
Yes, you can. However, future pregnancies may undo the results of your cosmetic surgery.

What makes me a good candidate for a Wichita mommy makeover?
The best way to know is to book a free consultation with a certified plastic surgeon. Among the criteria for good candidates are women who are in good health, who have reached a stable weight. Also, you should no longer consider having children.

Mommy Makeover Wichita, KS Advantages and Benefits

Each patient has their own specific aesthetic goals. Among the benefits of a mommy makeover Wichita, KS are:

  • Restored or increased breast size

  • Stretch mark reduction and sometimes stretch mark elimination

  • Elimination of pockets of fat

  • Removal of loose skin

  • Restored self-confidence

Wichita Kansas and Mommy Makeovers

Wichita is located in south-central Kansas and is the state’s largest city. It boasts an intoxicating blend of history, nature, and culture. If you are in the area for a mommy makeover Wichita, KS then you will have lots of opportunities to experience the best the city has to offer.

Marvel at the Keeper of the Plains steel statue. Go for a stroll among the thousands of tulips and daffodils of Botanica Wichita. Watch a play or orchestral performance at the Century II Performing Arts Center. And see dinosaur bones and Egyptian mummies at the Museum of World Treasures.

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