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Life for new mothers can be very hectic. The demands of a new baby and other aspects of family life often mean that women don’t spend enough time looking after themselves. They’re unhappy with their post-pregnancy bodies, even though they vow to exercise and burn off the calories. Unfortunately, they don’t have the time. However, even if they could, keeping fit is often not enough on its own to reverse post-pregnancy transformations. The solution is a mommy makeover Brandon, FL.

A mommy makeover in Brandon is an umbrella term for a suite of cosmetic surgeries that restore the shape of a woman’s body following pregnancy. Among the common surgical treatments are liposuction, a tummy tuck, vaginal rejuvenation, a breast lift, and breast augmentation.

When Can I Have a Brandon Mommy Makeover?

Cosmetic surgeons advise new mothers to wait for at least six months following childbirth before having a Brandon mommy makeover. They recommend waiting for six months after stopping breastfeeding before having breast surgeries.

Surgeons also advise women to wait until they’ve finished childbearing before going for a mommy makeover. It’s because subsequent pregnancies can reverse the effects of cosmetic treatments. Consequently, you would need additional surgeries to get your youthful figure back.

To discuss your mommy makeover Brandon, FL in detail, book a consultation with a certified plastic surgeon in your area.

What to Expect from a Mommy Makeover Brandon, FL

It is always advisable to keep expectations as realistic as possible. A mommy makeover in Brandon will help you achieve the results you want. However, you will not get your exact pre-baby body back. But the results will still be fantastic as you will have a fitter, trimmer and firmer body. You should expect to see the outcome after about six months to one year following surgery. If you want to ensure that these results are long-lasting, follow a good diet and exercise regularly.

Following your mommy makeover surgery, you will need to rest to help your body heal. You will be given specific instructions by your physician to ensure a smooth recovery period. The instructions may include:

  • What you can and cannot do after the surgery, i.e., no heavy lifting for at least a few weeks.

  • How to care for the operated areas on your body

  • The time you have to take pain relief medication

  • How long before you can return to your normal daily routine and start exercising again

Most mothers are back to work within two to three weeks following their mommy makeover Brandon, FL procedures.

Mommy Makeovers and Brandon Florida

Brandon is a community city in Hillsborough County, Florida. It benefits from warm weather and a humid climate. As with most of the state, the summers are long and hot while the winters are dry and mild.

If you are in the area for a mommy makeover Brandon, FL you will discover numerous attractions to enjoy in the days leading up to your surgery. They include movie theaters, parks, spas, and Westfield Brandon, a large shopping mall.

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