Mommy Makeover DC

Mommy Makeover DC

A woman’s body goes through a lot to bring a new life into the world. Many of the transformations such as deflated breasts and belly fat are very difficult if not impossible to reverse. That is unless you have a mommy makeover DC. It’s a combination of surgical procedures which can be performed in one setting.

The process starts with a consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon to discuss your needs and goals and to assess your suitability for a mommy makeover in DC. Eligible candidates are those women who have achieved a stable weight and are in good overall health. Also, they have recovered from having their baby, haven’t breastfed for six months and have a good support system in place.

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District of Columbia

The District of Columbia, now commonly referred to as Washington D.C is the capital of the United States of America. Named after George Washington, the first American president.

In addition to being the seat of the country’s government, the District of Columbia hosts the offices of numerous international organizations. Such as the International Monetary fund (IMF) and the World Bank.

No matter your interests, there is lots to see and do in the city. You can visit a wealth of places of historical importance such as the Lincoln Memorial, the National Museum and the White House. White House is an iconic building that has been the home of every president since John Adams. You can also indulge in activities including hiking, trekking, rafting, swimming, and mountaineering.

A mommy makeover DC is a must for those women who want to get back to how they used to look before their babies came along.

Surgery, Recovery, and Results of Your DC Mommy Makeover

The length of operation depends on the number of procedures a patient elects to have. Typically procedures are performed after general anesthetic been given to the patient. Once the surgery is over the patient is kept in a recovery room for a short period and then they are free to go. Because they will still feel groggy, medical staff recommends that a friend or relative drive them.

When patients arrive home, they should rest for two weeks except for some gentle walking. Complete rest is necessary to give the body time to heal. Compression garments may need to be worn for some of this time to promote healing. Your plastic surgeon will give you plenty of advice on the things you can do to ensure you have a hassle-free and smooth recovery period.

After about two weeks you should be able to go back to work, but it will be about six weeks following surgery before you are back to carrying out all your normal activities.

On average it will take about six to eight months for the results of your mommy makeover DC to be fully apparent. Then with exercise and a good diet, those incredible results should last a lifetime.

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