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Everything You Need to Know About the Mommy Makeover Trend

Mommy Makeover TrendOf all the most rewarding experience a woman can have, having children is right there at the top. However, there are loads of issues to worry about as a new mother. Post-pregnancy body change that won’t go away should not be one of them. It is the reason why more women are opting for mommy makeovers.

What is mommy makeover, you ask?

A mommy makeover is merely a term which refers to the restoration of a woman’s appearance and shapes after childbearing. It’s multiple plastic surgery procedures designed to improve or restore a post-pregnancy body.

After pregnancy, most women experience changes in different areas of their bodies. It includes the abdomen, breast, waist, buttock and genitalia. While hitting the gym hard may be an option, it doesn’t always work. So, women across the country depend on a single stage procedure to help restore their physique.

The first question to ask when considering a mommy makeover is this; how much restoration do you want? It will help you decide how to proceed.

Other things to consider should include the incision placement and implant type. Still, this depends on the procedures you want.

Procedures in a Mommy Makeover

A woman can restore all the parts of her body affected by post-pregnancy changes. That means, you can have any or all of the procedures outlined below;

  • Breast augmentation
  • Buttock augmentation
  • Breast Lift
  • Tummy tuck
  • Liposuction
  • Vaginal rejuvenation

Remember, it’s a one stage procedure. So, whether you’re doing one or all of the processes above, you’ll be under the knife just once.

Mommy Makeover Cost

Three essential factors determine the surgeon’s fee for a mommy makeover surgery; your chosen procedure, your location, and the surgeon’s experience. Aside from the surgeon’s cost, other expense includes;

  • Anesthesia fees
  • Hospital or surgical facility costs
  • Implants
  • Medical tests and x-rays
  • Post-surgery garments
  • Prescriptions for medication

There is just one other thing to consider when choosing a surgeon. Aside from their experience, pick a board-certified plastic surgeon that makes you feel comfortable.

Are You Qualified for a Mommy Makeover?

The procedure is highly individualized. As such, do it, but only if that’s what you want. Do not do it to fit into an ideal image or to make anyone else happy. That said, how do you know you’re qualified for a mommy makeover.

The first condition is that; you are done with childbearing. Having a child after a mommy makeover will undo the work you had done. Other requirements include;

  1. You must be in good health
  2. You must be at your ideal body weight

Also, having a positive outlook, while maintaining a realistic expectation will go a long way.

Mommy Makeover Recovery

After the procedure, you’ll have bandages or gauze on your incisions and an elastic bandage or support bra for your breasts. There are also compression garments that’ll be used to control abdomen, buttock or waist swellings.

A plastic surgeon should give you details about the areas that will be worked on. You’ll also receive information about medications and when to return for follow-ups.

After several weeks of healing, you’ll begin to notice a decrease in the swelling and a gradual improvement in the shape of your breast, waist, abdomen, buttocks, and genitalia. Don’t forget to attend your follow-up visits.

Mommy Makeover Results

Don’t expect to see the final results until a couple of months after the surgery. You’ll notice the implants settle and the scar line will become less visible. Bear in mind that, they will not completely disappear. But, a barely visible scar for a great body (and the confidence that comes with it) is a good trade-off.

A complete change in lifestyle is necessary to maintain your new body. It starts with regular exercise and proper nutrition. In addition to this, reduce alcohol intake and quit smoking. Finally, create a support system that’ll help you through the recovery period.

On a Final Note

A mommy makeover is a plastic surgery trend which women are using to restore their post-pregnancy bodies. Yes, a positive outcome is expected. However, an optimal result may not occur from a single surgery. This is perfectly normal.

The key to a successful recovery is to follow your surgeon’s instructions. Do not subject the surgical incisions to abrasion, access motion or excessive force. If you experience any chest pain, unusual heartbeat or shortness of breath, seek medical attention immediately. 


Mommy Makeover


How to Avoid Mommy Makeover Complications in Illinois

Majority of the people in Illinois are working class. Women make up a more significant part of the population. Women in this state are no stranger to having a mommy makeover Illinois procedure. They aspire to look younger and fitter.

When going for such procedures, there are things you to note to avoid complications afterward.

  1. Consult a board-certified surgeon

Getting a board-certified surgeon who is experienced in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery is essential. To avoid any complications during or after the operation, you should make sure the doctor in charge of your procedure is well tested and trusted in that field.

You should do extensive research on the doctor’s previous patient and try to find out how well their procedure turned out.

  1. Build rapport with your surgeon

After finding an expert surgeon to help with your treatments, you should rapport more with him during your consultation. You should be open about any previous medical history, or conditions you might have. Keeping anything from your surgeon might be a dangerous thing to do. Tell him of your fears, and any reservations you might have about the procedure. Moreover, follow his advice on how you should prepare better for the process. He or she will most likely give you a list of things to avoid before the operation.

  1. Avoid smoking

If you usually smoke, you should avoid it totally for at least a month before and after your procedure. And, avoid being around anyone that does. Most people are ignorant of the fact that smoking can cause huge complications during surgery. You should keep away from all nicotine products, to avoid issues like tissue death and reduced scarring.

  1. Make sure you are healthy

Before going for the mommy makeover procedure, you should take several health tests to make sure you are in good condition for surgery. You should make sure you attain your weight target, and you have no previous health issues.

Working class women in Illinois, always need to be in shape and feel confident, and what better way than a mommy makeover.

Before your procedure, these are the things you shouldn’t ignore, to have a successful surgery.

About Illinois

Often noted as the microcosm of the entire United States, Illinois is one of the most populous US states, with a population of over 13 million people living here. Illinois has a diverse economic base, with industries, agricultural productivity, and natural resources like coal, timber, and petroleum. It’s also a major transportation hub, with airports, seaport, etc.

Nicknamed ” the prairie state,” Illinois is a Midwestern state bordering Indiana in the east and the Mississippi River in the west. It is marked by farmlands, forests, rolling hills, and wetlands. It is home to several US President like Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S Grant, and Barack Obama.

Although Springfield is the capital city, Chicago is its largest city, and one of the largest cities in the US. It is famous for its skyscrapers, towers, etc.

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Things to Know Before a Mommy Makeover Procedure in Idaho

Discussed below are four things you should know ahead of having a mommy makeover Idaho surgery.

  1. 1. There will be changes during recovery

The mommy makeover procedure is designed to restore your youthful look. Although there might be some initial swelling after the surgery, as time goes by during your recovery, your body will gradually transform back to its pre-pregnant state. It will be as if you haven’t aged a bit especially if you include the facial lift procedure.

  1. There will be Incisions

Just like many other surgeries, there might be scars afterward, caused by incisions. Although, your plastic surgeon will try his or her best possible means to limit and conceal the incision. However, this shouldn’t be a cause for alarm, because there are several ointments, and creams to help with removing those scars very fast.

  1. You will need a recovery period

The average mommy makeover recovery period has been estimated to be about 3-4 weeks. During this time, you shouldn’t do any heavy-duty activity, and you should get someone to help around the house and with the kids. The recovery period is essential to your mommy makeover process, to achieve the best possible result.

  1. Be healthy

You should be at your weight target before going for the mommy makeover procedure. You shouldn’t try to mistake the method to lose weight. Exercise and diet regularly before your surgery. And make sure you are at your intended weight. Moreover, you should be in perfect health condition, and avoid things like smoking and drinking before the operation to prevent any complications.

For the women living in the state of Idaho, these are the things you should take note, and prepare ahead before going for the mommy makeover procedure.

About Idaho

Nicknamed ” the gem state.” Idaho is a state in the northwestern region of the United States. It is known for its mountainous landscapes and vast swaths of protected wilderness and outdoor recreational centers. Its capital and largest city, Boise, is set in the Rocky Mountain foothills and is bisected by the Boise River, which is famous for fishing and rafting. It has several tourists’ attractions like the city’s riverfront and Julia Davis Park, which is a downtown green space containing a rose garden, museum, and a zoo.

There are several industries significant for the economic growth of the state of Idaho, like manufacturing, agriculture, mining, forestry, and tourism. Science and technology firms have their headquarters and factories in Idaho. Even the country’s largest department of an energy facility, the Idaho National Laboratory is in the state. It’s a nickname: the gemstone references Idaho’s reputation for gems and its many wilderness areas.

With a population of over 1.7 million residents living in the state, Idaho is the 12th least populated state in the US. Idaho is dominated mostly by married women with kids who love the idea of having a mommy makeover procedure. They have heard of its numerous benefits, and are looking to try out its different trends like a tummy tuck, breast lift, face lift, etc.

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Tips to Help You Recover from Mommy Makeover in Hawaii

For women in Hawaii who recently had a mommy makeover procedure, consider this; Here are some tips to help with your recovery.

  1. Schedule Time to Rest Ahead

As a mom, you will always want to take care of your family all the time. But immediately after a mommy makeover Hawaii procedure, it is advisable you take some time to rest. You should allow your body to heal very well. A resting period of about 3-4 weeks is advised so that you can have a very smooth recovery.

  1. Arrange for Childcare and House Help.

For the first few weeks after your surgery, you should not be working at all. You should prepare ahead for a friend or family member to help you with the house chores and your kids. You should leave all the heavy-duty tasks to avoid lifting anything heavy. Not worrying about doing anything during your recovery period will give you enough peace of mind, and thus aid your recovery smoothly.

  1. Follow your medications and stack supplies

After the mommy makeover procedure, your doctor will prescribe some remedies for you to help reduce possible pain or deal with infections. This medication will help you feel as comfortable as possible, so you should do well to follow them as instructed.

Moreover, you should prepare as many supplies as possible to avoid unnecessary trips to the store. Get anything you might need during your recovery period.

Hawaiian moms are on par with the latest mommy makeover trends, and always wants to look good all the time. Before going for the mommy makeover procedure, you should take note of these tips.

About Hawaii

Hawaii is the most recently established American state. It received statehood on 21 August 1959. Composed entirely of Islands, it is the only US state located in Oceania. And the only US state situated outside North America.

Its capital and biggest city are located on Oahu Island. Home to crescent Waikiki beach and Pearl Harbor’s WWII memorials.

Hawaii is a popular destination for tourists, due to its diverse natural scenery and warm tropical climate. It’s a popular destination for biologist, surfers, and volcanologist. And a relaxation center for people looking to get away from their normal busy life.

With a population of nearly 1.5 million people living on these islands, Hawaii is the 11th least populated US state. Hawaii’s economy can be traced through a succession of industries like sand wool, whaling, sugarcane, pineapple, the military, education, and tourism. But since it had been made a state in 1959, tourism and hospitality have been its largest industry.

The women of Hawaii are lively people, who love looking good all the time on the beach especially in their bikinis. They are into various mommy makeover trends like liposuction, tummy tuck, breast lift, facelift, etc.

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Signs You Are a Good Mommy Makeover Candidate in Georgia

As a mother who is considering a mommy makeover Georgia procedure, here are some signs you should look out for:

  1. It has Been Months Since You Gave Birth.

Going through the strenuous process of pregnancy and childbirth, you must give yourself some time to heal before going for a mommy makeover procedure. You should exercise patient, and let your body readjust before you decide on it. A wait of 6 months to one year is very advisable.

  1. You Have Stopped Breastfeeding

Continuous breastfeeding will alter and change the size of your breast all the time. So, it’s best you have stopped breastfeeding before going for the mommy makeover procedure. Your breast size and shape should be constant before you have this surgery.

  1. You gave birth through C-section

The mommy makeover procedure merely is made to correct the scars left by these kinds of operation. No matter how many incisions you have on your body, the mommy makeover process will fix it quickly, as well as any stretch marks available.

  1. You are ready to stop childbearing

Before considering the mommy makeover procedure, you should make up your mind whether you are done having kids or not. Although you can still get pregnant and have kids without any complications if you have initially done the operation, any result achieved will most likely be reversed due to pregnancy. And you will need another surgery again to accomplish those results. So it’s best for women who are done with childbearing.

  1. You have lost weight and in perfect health

You shouldn’t mistake a mommy makeover procedure to lose weight. It’s merely a means to regain your pre-pregnant shape. So before going for the process, you should make sure you are in perfect health condition. And you have attained your weight target.

As a woman in Georgia, looking to have a mommy makeover procedure, these are the signs you shouldn’t ignore at any point in time.

About Georgia

Georgia is a southeastern state in the United States. It started as a British colony in 1733 and is the last of the thirteenth colonies. It was the fourth state to ratify the US constitution on 2nd January 1788.

Known as ” the peach state.” With a population of over 10 million people living in the state, it is the 8th most populous US state, and one of the fastest growing states. Manufacturing industries, transportation, real estate, communications, film industry, and tourism are the primary sources of Georgia’s economy.

The state is known for its diversity in culture and traditions. There are different languages spoken by its residents like Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese, French, Chinese, German, Hindu, Ibo, Yoruba, etc.

The terrains in Georgia are made up of coastal beaches, farmland, and mountains. Walking around the beaches in Georgia, you will see moms in their bikinis and flat tummies. This is evident they are already enjoying the various trends that mommy makeover has to offer in the city.

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Mommy Makeover Benefits in Florida

  1. Get rid of your fat rolls

No matter how much you diet or exercise, you might not be able to reduce those fat rolls deposited in various areas of your Post-pregnant body. If fat rolls are getting in the way of your appearance, the only way to say goodbye to them is through liposuction. This mommy makeover Florida procedure can be used on any part of your body where excess fat is concentrated which might be affecting your body shape.

  1. Regain your youthful body

Women of nowadays, are not ready to surrender their young body, and that’s why the idea of having a mommy makeover procedure sounds amazing to their ears. With just a simple facelift procedure, it will have you looking much younger than before. By getting rid of those wrinkles and making your cheekbones firm again

  1. Boost in confidence

For women in Florida, this procedure will leave you full of confidence. As you will be able to do things you usually do in your younger days, like walking around the beach in your bikinis with your partner. It also serves as a breath of fresh air for women, as you will be rejuvenated, and will experience improvements in your sex life.


  1. Make your breast firm once more

Pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding often take a significant toll on a woman’s body, and the breast is one of the areas majorly affected, as they will be left saggy. There’s nothing much a woman can do to restore her youthful bounce, except to get a breast lift. This mommy makeover procedure will remove the excess fat around the chest regions and make your breast firm and high once again.

Beautiful women in Florida are always on par with the latest trends and are benefiting massively from having a mommy makeover.

About Florida

It is nicknamed ” the sunshine state. ” Florida is the southeasternmost US state, with the Atlantic on one side, and the Gulf of Mexico on the other. It has hundreds of miles of beaches. Its most populated Urban city, Miami is known for its Latin-America influence, notable art scene, and party nightlife, especially on the South Beach.

There are other famous cities like Orlando especially for its tourist attractions with things like theme parks, Walt Disney World. Various wildlife like the American alligator, American Flamingo, American crocodile, Florida panther, and manatee can be found in Everglades National Park, located in the southern part of the state.

Florida is one of the fastest growing states, with a population of over 20 million people living here, and that makes it the third most populated state in the United States. The state’s economy relies majorly on tourism, agriculture, and transportation. It’s a state also know for amusement parks, orange crops, winter vegetables, the Kennedy space center, etc.

Walking on a beach in Florida, you can find beautiful women and mothers proudly walking around in their bikinis, despite going through pregnancy and childbirth some years ago. And this is as a result of a mommy makeover. The mothers in Florida have been benefiting from these procedures for years now.