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For every mother, one of the most rewarding experiences is having a baby. Many women acknowledge it as one of the most significant life accomplishments. However, it comes with a price. Motherhood can take a severe toll on a woman’s body. What better way to get back into your pre-pregnancy shape than with a mommy makeover Tucson? It’s an ideal way to deal with what often feels like an uphill battle to achieve your goal of regaining your shapely pre-baby figure.

During your mommy makeover in Tucson, AZ, knowledgeable cosmetic surgeons work with you to reverse those changes brought on by pregnancy. They help you tackle such issues as weight gain, that less-than-toned tummy, stretch marks, and sagging breasts.

What are the Surgical Procedures of a Tucson Mommy Makeover?

Every mother has different requirements and desires. A mommy makeover Tucson, AZ is not a one-size-fits-all set of surgical procedure. Qualified surgeons do not perform unnecessary cosmetic procedures. What any mother chooses to have done depends on her specific needs and wants.

A consultation with a competent plastic surgeon helps each mother gain a clear picture of her unique needs. Usually, your Tucson mommy makeover would include three or procedures such as:

  • A vaginal rejuvenation to restore elasticity. Also known as angioplasty, this surgical process aims to tighten the area of the vagina that has become loose during childbirth.

  • This process is known as an abdominoplasty. Many women find that carrying a baby has resulted in a lack of abdominal elasticity and stretching of the skin in this area. A tummy tuck firms and removes the excess skin in the abdomen.

  • Liposuction helps sculpt the body shape but removing excess fat deposits.

  • During pregnancy and nursing, a woman’s breast may lose their elasticity. Mastopexy can lift and reshape a woman’s breasts giving them a firmer, perkier appearance. It improves the look of a woman’s figure and builds her confidence.

  • Women often find that after they finish nursing their children, their breasts shrink. Many of them are unhappy with the fact that they are not as voluptuous after motherhood. For them, a breast augmentation will make them well-endowed, restoring their pre-baby figure or enhancing it.

How Long Do I Have to Wait to Get a Mommy Makeover Tucson, AZ?

Many new mothers are understandably anxious to get back their pre-pregnancy figure. However, it’s advisable to wait for at least six months after the baby’s birth. Another pregnancy would reverse some of the surgical procedures. You would need to have them redone if you plan to have another child. Rather than have multiple surgeries, moms are encouraged to have their makeover after their last child is born.

How is the mommy makeover in Tucson done?

The beauty of this type of surgery is that whatever surgical procedures a client and her cosmetic surgeon have agreed to are completed at the same time. It cuts down on both surgery and recovery time. A woman can expect to get discharged after twenty-four hours. They should begin to see results in two weeks and have a full recovery in four months.

During the four months’ post-surgical recovery time, women are cautioned to do mild exercise and avoid strenuous activity. 

Mommy Makeovers in Tucson Arizona

A visit to Tucson is sure to involve sunshine. This beautiful city is somewhat off the beaten path. While visiting and regaining a youthful appearance, those having a mommy makeover Tucson might like to engage in all sorts of activities.

Tucson also offers those who are having a mommy makeover exciting red-hot dining opportunity and vibrant nightlife. After surgery, you may want to take a walk and enjoy the historic architecture and the awesome Arizona sunsets.

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