Mommy Makeover Cost and Procedures in Alabama

The state of Alabama has the 47th median household income in the United States of America. Every year, millions of dollars get pumped into education, banking, and health care. There are many mega industries in Alabama, including those in the field of aerospace and automobile. Another great source of income has been the production of cars and mineral exploration. It is indeed a state flowing with a reasonable amount of money. But things were not always this rosy for Alabama.

During the American Civil War, Alabama got hit by an economic slump that stemmed from their over-dependence on agriculture. Those were trying times for most cities in the southern US. These days things are different, and people can afford to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

For women in Alabama who have given birth to children are paying money to look good no matter what happens to their bodies. After the birth of a child, a mother’s body tends to undergo specific changes that make her less attractive. These changes include:

  • Flabby tummy
  • Excessive stretchmarks
  • Weight gain
  • Loose skin

The only way mothers can regain their pre-pregnancy bodies within a short time is through a set of cosmetic and surgical procedures called mommy makeover. These procedures are vast, and each separate process usually has its cost. A mommy makeover is a single surgery with a price range that varies according to the length and complexity.

Alabama mommy makeover procedures and their costs

The mommy makeover Alabama procedures offered in Alabama include but are not restricted to the following:

  • Liposuction

This is a surgery performed by an expert to remove fat in specific areas of the body. Women who have recently given birth will experience the accumulation of fat in the arms, thighs, tummy, and hips. Liposuction can help these women get rid of these excess fats from the body. Prices vary according to the number of areas and amount to fat involved.

Cost: $3,000 – $9,000

  • Tummy Tuck

The tummy tuck is a way to trim down a flabby tummy to make it as flat as desired. This procedure is key to mothers because it helps them regain their flat and sexy tummy.

Cost: $5,000 – $6000

  • Breast lift and augmentation

The breast lift involves the rectification of saggy breasts to raise them to a higher level. The breast augmentation is carried out to increase the firmness and roundness of the bosom.

Cost (Breast Lift): $2500 – $5500

Cost (Breast augmentation): $2500 – $6000

  • Face Lift

Face Lift is important as it has helped thousands of women regain their youthful looks. The procedure is usually carried out by an expert plastic and cosmetic surgeon to raise the cheekbones or other parts of the face.

Cost: $7000 – $17000

Mothers in Alabama can now enjoy the benefits of a mommy makeover. It has been a saving grace for women who no longer feel comfortable with their bodies. If you are a mommy in Alabama, you can also enjoy these awesome benefits without stress to your pocket.

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